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What is Astrology:-

We suppose Astrology is the way from heaven to know the feature same as many Angels of God had used already to know their future through calculation of Stars and planets, Astrology is based on influence of distant cosmic planets and stars, usually stars and planets put effect on human lives, Astrology consists of sun, Moon, and other planetary objects, Astrology is a way to determine the forces of the universe by tracing what effects they have upon the planets. In Astrology the planets and their coordinate systems are used to make predictions, the fundamental principle on which astrology works is that all things are linked. Your karma, destiny, fate or fortune, whatever you choose to call it, is determined by a predestined cosmic design. Astrologers believe that everybody is just a soul present in the body at a very particular time and place, and that the life of people is just a reflection of the larger whole into which they are born. The study of this pre-set destiny is known as Astrology. In other words Astrology is the study of stars and planets, Astrology is the way to know habits, character, life history and even the relationships based on the positions of the stars, sun, Moon, and other planetary objects at the time of  the someone’s  birth, A central principle of Astrology is Hindu Astrology  it is also known as “Vedic Astrology”.
In western culture Astrology consist Horoscope for more assurance same as we have changed the definition of Astrology we have consisted Black Magic and Astrology together now it is more than Astrology that’s why our Astrology is better than normal Astrology as well as more stronger, our Astrology gives amazing results for every problem.

Astrology Accuracy:-

We have known what is Astrology but now question is how accurate is it? Does Astrology work correctly? Can we believe 100% sureness in Astrology? So answer is “NO” it doesn’t, despite its enormous popularity, predicting the future of reading someone’s personality based on the position of the sun, stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies has no basis in fact, as we discussed with thousands of people according to them and Wikipedia, spiritual research foundation as well as many other website say Astrology cannot be 100% guaranteed. No any Astrologer can claim about his predicting for 100% true so it mean it is just 50 – 50 predicting can true or cannot be true.

Can Astrology Solve Our Problems?

As we all know Astrology is based on Sun, Moon and many others planets and with the help of Astrology it may be we can know problem as well as our a little amount of future but not sure, Astrology can give us sign what will happen in next few days, months or years and some time we get solution by Astrology but according to us as we know Astrology is for telling future not for solving problems, if you have problem so we can give you best solution.

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