Astrology actually means “the Science of the Stars” A person who has knowledge of Astrology is called an Astrologer. It is a very ancient way to know the future but an Astrologer can’t assures his words, an Astrologer can’t take 100% surety of his words and can’t claim that it will happen in future because Astrology’s base on stars and Astrologer’s mind idea some time he is right and some time wrong and for example now a day every body ask to Astrologer the best time for marriage and he calculate every thing then he tells the best time but after that how many Divorces are happening, main thing is an Astrologer can tell your problems but can’t fix it rather Black Magic is the Power which can find your problem and do solution with 100% guaranty, Black Magic literally mean “ guaranteed solution”. So according to us Black Magic is father of Astrology and Horoscope.

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