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“Bengali Black Magic” our website aim is to help people in 2 ways (1) by our suggestion (2) by our Bengali Black Magic Spell so here is an Article for those people who have cheated in love relation and love marriage:-
most of the couple make a strong thought at starting off their relationship that their relationship will be always very strong till the end of life but at starting you must accept every relationship with lower acceptation I mean it can’t run in the same flow always it means if today your relationship is in a romantic mood so tomorrow it may be in sadness mood and sometimes it may be aggressive mood so you should fluctuate according to the time and situation otherwise your one wrong step can take very big wrong turn in your relationship in that situation you must look after your relation according to that situation some time you think that you are giving your 100% to save your love or marriage but it is not enough for your partner according to that time so in that we recommend you to make a compromise with time instead of your partner because it is people’s nature from thousands of years so at first, you must keep it in your mind that relation can’t be in the same flow you have to struggle for saving your relation time to time and in my opinion relationship is a most precious thing as you always do effort to save your belongings like money gold property, you always try to stop stealing it so same as you should try to adjust with time for saving your relationship you should focus on your love marriage else you won’t understand what happened and at last, you can be divorced.

What I want to express you that love relation cannot be stable always in exact same flow, ups and downs must come because as you have some good or bad feelings or habit so same as your husband/wife has but if unfortunately you are looking for a stable love relationship so i must say you should make relation with dead people because they don’t have any problem either you abuse them or love it is called a pure stable relationship yes there are only two ways for stable relation one graveyard and second is GOD because if you do anything or do nothing for them so nothing is gonna happen if you don’t take the name of GOD/Dead person for one year and after one year you remember them so they won’t be angry with you but if you do same the thing with your wife/husband so you better know what will happen to you :-).
if there is nothing going to be good in your relationship and your partner doing wrong to you so my suggestion is not to react wrong with them don’t ever try to hurt or harm him/her you should leave and move forward because when your trust is broken so you feel that is wrong but actually it is very good because now your life is taking you to the reality so this is a chance to think about you and your children find out what is good for you this is time to take right decision, try to react neither to take revenge nor cry about your past you should contact with us.

If you will try to make him/her learn a lesson and anyhow you could get success so you can have a stupid feeling to satisfy yourself for a few days but after some time you will feel guilty about what you did, at starting when you are so angry you feel you did well but after sometime when your anger is gone then you will realize ashamed on you.
Don’t ever complain that someone has cheated you but actually, he/she is showing the reality of him/her it is good that you come to know earlier otherwise you could know about him/her at the end of your life, you should not trust as much you can’t bear after breaking it.

Do not take revenge

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