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We have very strong and fast Powers, Spirits and Jinn.
Our Powers are our strength & We do all type of works with the help of these Powers without these Powers we are nothing that’s why we have many different different Powers for different issues like :-


Jinn is a Species like human it’s body shape is same as human but their height is smaller than us their average height is 3 feet long but if they want to increase their height so they can more than 100 feet long they have power to do anything they can change their body shape as they want they can become goat, cock, fly, or snack and whatever they want, they are more powerful than all powers in the world, Jinn can take a round of the world in few seconds, Jinn has power to make someone fall in love or make someone hate to anyone Jinn has power to do every kind of work.


Human Spirit is also very powerful and everyone know about it so here is no need to tell about Spirits, it comes out from human body after death it also can do every type of work.


Movakkil is a species like angels it looks like smoke with light (Noor) it does not have any shape of body it has power to make someone ill, paralyze, blind and it can make loose in business.


Very less people know about Hamzad and hamzad is the Power which is most fast and sharp like sword it comes from human body while alive everyone has Hamzad in his/her body and it looks same as person it mean your Hamzad will looks same as you are and my hamzad will looks same as me, it is very strong Power it can kill or destroy human and relationship, it makes Divorce and break up.


Everyone knows very well about Devi and Mata Ji so no need to discus here about it, devi Mata can make Vashikaran and Break Up.

Devta or Dev

Dev or Devta are for same work like Devi these Powers are very expert for Vashikaran and Break UP.

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