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Every story is written here by our clients itself and if you also want to tell your story to the world though us so we can do it, here are some option if you don’t want to show your photo or do not want to share your name and location so we hide it, we do not disclose any of your detail, your detail will be quite safe with us because your privacy is our responsibility but yes if you share your story here so thousands of people will take advantage with your story.

It is very easy to share your story here go to the bottom of this page and fill the form and submit after monitoring we will publish it.

black magic remover
Rescue from black magic

Hi I am Rock form USA and i have been seeking Black Magic Spell Caster for real help for years, i was cursed with Black Magic by a person in my relative that turn my life into hell. Lost job, friends and love, my life was a complete mess until I found these guys it was worth the price I spent with them as it came back to me in happiness and joy within few days i saw good changes and after some now i have got everything which i lost in past.

Rock Clav, Washington USA.

Second Marriage Issue 

Hi I am Thompson Rodriguez from New York (USA). I am 53 years of age I got married before 27 years but before 14 months my wife expired and I was alone. I am running a software company so in my office there was a Divorcee woman approx 35 years old, after my wife death she came closer to me and slowly we started an affair she is very pretty and beautiful and I really love her as I used to love my wife she also loves me as her husband we were living together at my home from last six months everything was going on very good I was very happy but before two months she started ignoring me and she left my home and whenever I call her she gives me an excuse and finally before 25 days she said to me that she can’t do it further she does not love me I was shocked what happened my heart was broken and literally I cried too much on that day I was mad nothing was right I tried to convinced her a lot but everything was useless, I can’t describe my situation but by chance I got Baba Kaasam Khan Bengali on internet as I have told you I am owner on a software company so I didn’t believe at starting but I did not have any option so I talked to Baba Ji he gave me 11 Days time to complete my work and he said that she will come back herself and you need not to do anything and yes it happened as he claimed I am very grateful to Baba Kaasam Khan Bengali.

Thank You Baba Ji.

Black Mgaic Problem

I am Albrekt from Frankfurt (Germany) I am 14 years old only, I was under Black Magic effect my real uncle (father’s brother) got it done on me, I got to sick my father and my family doctor were very confused about my health day by day I was getting sick and more sick my face became very dull my medical reports were normal that’s why my doctor was in dilemma he was unable to take any decision one day my mother told to my father for getting checked my health by Spiritual Power so she searched on internet and found the Great Baba Kaasam Khan Ji and he took my detail and replied to my mother that I am near to die by Black Magic when my mother heard it she was shocked and cried louder then Baba Ji did my treatment from thousands of miles distance and today I am alive just because of Baba Ji I don’t have words to pay Thanks.

Thank you very much Baba Ji

Intercast Prolem

Hi i am Betty Vera from Canada I had Love marriage issue I am a Christian girl but I was in love with a Hindu boy (Rahul Mishra) it was inter cast problem his parents were agree for this marriage but my parents were not agree rather when they came to know about my relationship so they scolded me a lot and started behaving with me like an Executioner my parents made my life like hell I was locked in my room my phone, internet and all way of communication were stopped I was crying and crying it was impossible to forget him I prayed a lot to God I begged my love and one day I got chance my parents were out of city and I was alone at my home my phone and internet were working but I was locked at my home so I called Rahul Mishra and told him full story then he suggested me to file Police case but I never wanted to punish my parents than I search on Internet about Mr. Kaasam Khan I gave him call immediately and told him about us he took my case and I followed all the procedure same day he gave me 13 days time to complete my work and said your parents will say you to marry him themselves you need not to do anything. 13 days did not complete my parents came to me and said we are really very sorry please forgive us and you must merry him I was shocked I will be very very thankful whole life to Mr. Kaasam Khan Bengali Ji.

Get Your Love Back

I am Dr. Michelle Stewart from Tromso (Norway) I am the one luckiest woman because I found Mr. Kaasam Khan at that time when my love was snatched by my best friend Rebecca Morris, she knew about me and my Lover John Murphy we were together from last 3 years and we were planning for marriage very soon my parents and all my relatives were very happy with my relation but one day suddenly John said to me that he does not love me and can’t carry this relation anymore, I didn’t believe this because he can’t live one minute without me and suddenly he is saying he does not love me I couldn’t understand what happened to him but after some days when I saw him with my friend than I became mad I wanted to commit suicide literally I can’t tell you my pain in words I was dying every minute I did not go on my job for 1 week one day I met my neighbor friend she told me about Mr. Kaasam and about his work but I did not believe because I am well qualified Doctor and Science does believe in Black Magic but after two days I called him because I had no option I told him everything Baba Ji said he is under Vashikaran that’s why he left you and this Vashikaran is done by your best friend Rebecca he will come back to you and will beg you sorry and will never leave you again Baba ji gave me 7 days time and he approved he challenge as he did to me on 7th day John came to me and begged sorry from last 6 months we are together he never leave me from that day.

Thank You Sir.

Marriage Proposal Problem

I am Sukhon from Bangkok (Thailand) I am a good looking and well educated as well as I am doing job in MNC Company and getting very good salary but my problem was a very typical for me and my family, my problem was that many marriage proposals are coming but I don’t know why every was repelling we suffered this problem more than three years and in these three years more than 40 proposal were rejected me and my family were woeful, in these years I went to many Astrologer in Thailand and India but nothing happened one day I was searching Black Magic in Bengal so I found Baba Kaasam Khan ji he took my detail and sad to me that my marriage is stopped by Black Magic then he told me whole procedure of my work and he gave me 17 days time to reopen my marriage way and I am very glad to say you I got a very good proposal for my marriage and we got marriage after few months of proposal Baba Kaasam Khan is really Miracle man.

K¯hx k¯hxbkhu? khu?

Love After Marriage

I am Shilpa Bohra from Mumbai I am 27 years old I got arrange marriage in Oct. 2008 according to all my traditional and religious system my husband was very rich and proud but I was very sad at my in-laws home because my husband didn’t ever love me he always came to me for his need, he never cared my feelings, my emotions and never love me like a good husband because he was in love with someone else and I came to know about his relationship after 1 year, I discussed with him for his affair so he told if you wanna live or not but you have to live here I won’t give you Divorce I was trapped here when I told to my parents they said to me if he has an affair so what he is rich he gives you all Luxuries facilities you can full fill all your dreams and desires there, I was totally broken I was not getting love in my life as I wanted, in my luck only tears were remaining I was very sad because I never had any relationship in my life I always wanted to love my husband only but I not enough lucky to have love of my husband. But after few months I started an affair with my Neighbor (Sanjay Rathi) he was unmarried and he was very serious for this relationship but I was afraid of my husband because he was very a executioner for me, one day I was searching Black Magic on internet then I got contact of Baba Kaasam Khan ji really it was impossible for me to get Divorce because I was alone I had no support of parents and friends but Baba Kaasam Khan ji made it happen and my husband gave me Divorce himself and today I am living with my love Sanjay and we have a kid now my life is life haven I appreciate Baba Kaasam Khan Ji.

Get Promotion

Hello myself Anoop Poddar from West Bengal (India) I am doing job in a very reputated software company from last 5 years but I was not getting promotion rather I am very talented in my office I was very upset one day I talked to my Uncle’s son he told me to consult to the Miracle Baba Kaasam Khan ji but I ignored it because I am a well educated and really I didn’t ever believe in Black Magic in my life but when my cousin said me again for consulting to baba Ji than I contacted to Baba ji and he took my and my boss detail and he did his work, I remember after 11 days I got promotion later in my hand.

Thank You Baba Ji.


I am Nikhil Garg from New Delhi (India) I am a export businessman my business is running in more than 20 countries but before two years my Uncle (Fupa Ji) took everything with fraud trick he brought me on road I was very sad I wanted to commit suicide but I did’n because I have a little family.

One day I met my childhood friend and I told him full story than he told me about great Baba Kaasam Khan Ji and immediately I contacted Baba ji and Baba Ji did that work which brought my life to me, Baba Ji did as he claimed my Uncle came himself and returned everything to me and after that from that day he is Pyralized and getting punishment everyday and he lost his own son and wife now he is alone Pyralized man.

Vashikaran (Hypnotism)

Hi I am Susan from London I got Vashikaran done on my fiance actually he left me after one year of engagement I was shocked when he told me he does not love me any more he is going to marry with another girl it was very difficult to believe because we were in love from last 5 years he was the guy who never thought to live without me for a second he used to give thousands of phone calls in a day and he was saying to me he does not love me any more, it was a worse news for my family because I gave a very good treat to my friends and relative on my engagement and we put engagement ring to each other in front of hundreds of people now if he didn’t marry me so it was shame for me in my society so I decided that I will get him back any how than I found Baba Kaasam Khan on Internet I told him my problem he told me not to worry I will fatch him back to you he said that he will come himself and will beg you sorry he gave me 7 days time and of course it happened before 7 days really Baba Kaasam Khan Ji is a Mirecle Man.

Spirit On Me

Hi it is Hanako 37 years old from Fukuoka (Japan) I was suffring with two evil Spirits I was a pretty woman before 4 years but these two Spirits made me very sick and languorous, both of these Spirits were male and it tortured me a lot, just because of these Spirits I lost my job, my husband, my family and every happiness. Thousands of time these Spirits made sex relation with me they did it day and night I tried to kill myself many time but every time they stoped me, aprox 20 hours a day they used to stay inside my body and due to that I used to talk like a mad I used to do urine and shit in my clothes, I can’t discribe my pain and my helplessness but God is every where and he sent my brother-in-law (sister’s husband) to me he had discussed to baba Kaasam Khan Ji already he was like a Angle for me he gave a Taviz which is given to him by Baba Kaasam Khan Ji, as I tied it in my neck so at the same time I realised something gone away from my body and after 4 years first time I was feeling very light and fine and then I became conscious, my treatment was completed in 40 days and today I am absolutely fine all credit gose to my brother-in-law and Baba Kaasam Khan Ji because of them I am alive.


One Side Love

Hello every one I am Ishrat Qureshi from Rawalpindi (Pakistan) I was in love with Aslam Qureshi but he did not love me he was in love with a Hindu girl Yachna. He was my classmate he used to say we are good friend only but I was very serious for my relationship one my friend told me about Kaasam Khan Ji because she had got her work done already by Baba Kaasam Khan ji but I was confused what to do because Baba ji is thousands of Miles far how can I meet him, how can I send him money and what is guaranty that if he takes money so he will do my work or not, will he refund my money if my work does not happen, I had many questions in my mind like this but I did not have any other option so I went for it and yes I got more than I wish after my work I send $500 as a gift to Baba Kaasam Khan Ji.

Shukriya Baba Ji.

Get Your Love Back

Hi, I am Afia from Nigeria I was in love with my neighbour Rashad he is very handsome and strong as I wanted from childhood, he also was in love with me and was very serious for marriage but I don’t know why he strated ignoring me and one day he said that he loves to another girl, I said please do not leave me I can’t live without you I requested him a lot but he did not listen to me I was crying all the time because we were too close to each other like husband and wife and if he was leaving me on this stage so I had only one way that’s suicide. But one day I found Black Magic specialist Baba Kaasam Khan ji I told him my love problem Baba Ji took my detail and start my work he gave me 7 days time and baba ji said Rashad will come and will beg sorry to you and it happened on 7th day of my work today we are happy and we are going to marry very soon.

Thank you Baba Ji.

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